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Our concrete products, as well as our aggregates and lime, concrete for infrastructure, concrete admixtures and white cement, offer our customers solutions for the challenges that they face.
The high quality of the Readymix Group's products leads to an added value of the highest quality result in an efficient and economical way, whilst preserving the environment.

The Readymix Group's Concrete Division is the leading producer of ready-mixed concrete and ready mortar in Israel.
Through its plants, which stretch from Kiryat-Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south, Readymix supplies about a third of the demand for concrete and mortar in Israel.
Lime & Stone
Lime & Stone Production Company Ltd. is Israel's largest producer of aggregates.
The Company, established in 1935, operates plants and quarries, which produce aggregates, sand, and lime of the highest quality.
The Company has been adapting itself to the growing importance of preserving the environment, and has therefore been devoting great efforts to protect the environment surrounding its operations by operating anti-pollutant equipment.
Concrete for Infrastructure
Readymix Concrete Products (Israel) Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd., and produces concrete products for infrastructure. Its range of products includes concrete pipes for drainage and channeling, inspection boxes (manholes) for sewage, drainage, channels and communication systems, manhole covers, tops, under/above ground water conduits, concrete elements and receptors.
All of the Company's products are supervised by the Israel Standards Institute
Concrete Admixtures
Chemocrete Ltd., of the Readymix Group, is the Group's center for the production and supply of chemicals for building.
Basically, concrete admixtures are divided into two groups: Plasticizers, and superplasticizers, the main difference between them being the extent of the admixture's ability to reduce the quantity of water required, whilst maintaining or even improving the concrete's workability.
White Cement
White Portland cement is produced by the Company's plant in Spain, which is the most efficient and modern white cement plant worldwide.
Because of its extreme whiteness, strict homogeneity and high resistance, this type of cement has become the market reference for special applications in iconic and aesthetic buildings and engineering projects.
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