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NeogemNeogem brand represents high performance aggregate products, which aim to solve very specific customer needs.

Phoenicia SandPhoenicia Sand - NEOGEM
This is special sand for glass manufacturers, with unique chemical structure required for this industry.

Dolomite NeogemDolomite 1-3 - NEOGEM
Implemented as upper layer under paving stones and tiles. To be used in curbstone and traffic islands. The significant advantage of the material is the strength of the stone and the low erosion.

Atomix-NeogemAtomix - NEOGEM
This material provides acoustic insulation being implemented as a tile basis in apartment buildings which have more than one floor. Atomix contains gravel mixed with rubber granulates which enables enhanced acoustic insulation. It avoids usage of standard acoustic layer and reduces static load on the structure. TextEdit619531367C
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Sand for KindergardensSand for Kindergardens - NEOGEM
Quartz screened sand, 1.2 mm size, used as filler for kids' playgrounds. TextEdit619531367C
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Sand 600Sand 600 - NEOGEM
Silica screened sand, 700 microns, 97% passes #25 mesh. Used for manufacturing of waterproofing materials, glues, additives, special cement and other binders.

Sand 1000Sand 1000 - NEOGEM
Silica screened sand, 1.2 mm, passes 40% #25 mesh. Used for manufacture of architectural - designed building elements, sidewalk stones, curbstones, tiles, waterproofing, forging and more.

Sand 1500Sand 1500 - NEOGEM
Screened sand, 1.5 mm, passes 20% #25 mesh. Used as upper layer under reduced slippery sidewalk stones and other applications.

Sand 3000Sand 3000 - NEOGEM
Silica screened sand, 3.0 mm, passes 15% #25 mesh. Used for special, wear - resisting concrete.

Big-bags NeogemBig-bags - NEOGEM
Special big-bag 60X60X80 package available for all regular aggregate materials.
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