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BETONAL - Self Compacting Concrete
BETONAL is a flowing concrete, which compacts under its own weight, and provides complete coverage of dense reinforcing bars, creating a smooth sealed surface with no vibration. BETONAL can be produced at different strength levels, and enables the introduction of steel fibers or other synthetic fibers into the mix.
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READYSIV - A Concrete Mix reinforced with Synthetic Fibers
A concrete mix that contains synthetic fibers which improve the concrete's resistance to plastic cracking that occurs when it is drying.

READYSIV – A Concrete Mix Reinforced with Steel Fibers
The introduction of steel fibers significantly improves the durability of the concrete. The fibers can replace, partially, and subject to the designer's approval, the reinforcement grid, and make it possible to extend the distance between the joints.

C L S M – A Concrete Mix with Controlled Low Strength
The CLSM mix with its controlled low strength can replace conventional fillers for the purpose of filling hollows in the ground, channels, pipelines, casings, pits etc. Unlike cast concrete, the CLSM mix can be easily re-excavated either manually or mechanically where there is need to repair pipelines etc.
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HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE – Concrete with exceptionally high-strength
High-Performance concrete is a high-strength ready-mixed concrete type C-50 and above, with excellent workability. The concrete is designed for pre-stressing of construction elements such as bridges, beams, ceilings, etc.

READYMEDA - Easy Level Screed
READYMEDA Easy Level Screed is a specialized mix with flowing and leveling properties, containing cement and special chemical admixtures, with added nylon fibers. The screed is intended for leveling and smoothing concrete surfaces, to serve as quality smooth sub-base for flooring, carpets, wood floors, etc.

We produce types of plaster and mortar that promise solutions, uniformity, quality and color.
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Cooled Ready-mixed Concrete for Casting in High Temperatures
This is a ready-mixed concrete which undergoes a cooling process in order to reduce hydration heat. It is particularly suitable for casting during summer months, in warm climates, and for large-volume castings.
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