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BETONAL The concrete that works for you The unique products of the BETONAL series are active and make your work easier. The advanced technology gives the concrete the ability to flow, level out and be self-compacting, and improves the quality of work.Continue

water_control.jpgWATER CONTROL To control the penetration of water The unique products of the Water Control series have improved impermeability and so are especially suitable for use in elements that come into contact with water. The mix's grading, combined with its special additives, creates a particularly dense mix, which has improved binding and a higher resistance to water permeability. The level of penetration can be controlled according to the needs of the building and the requirements of the designer.Continue

MASSAMASSA A solution for heat The Massa series provides solutions for large volume castings. By using advanced technology and the combination of layers, it is possible to control the hydration temperature during casting, allowing control and monitoring of the fresh concrete.Continue

ReadysivREADYSIV To inhibit cracking The unique products of the Readysiv series contain a unique composition of ready-mix concrete that has been adapted to incorporate fiber additives such as synthetic fibers, nylon fibers, polypropylene, polymeric fibers or steel fibers. They improve the properties of fresh concrete and provide it with improved resistance to bending, a partial replacement for reinforcing steel, a reduction in the development of plastic cracking and structural cracking, depending on the type of fibers.Continue

619531367Tech_image_82_A7.jpgCLSM A concrete mix with controlled low strength The CLSM mix is a substitute for conventional fillers for filling hollows in the ground, covering channels, pipes, castings, pits and more. The mix has a low strength that can be selected, enabling mechanical or manual excavation if repairs are necessary. TextEdit619531367C16End1231230804.gif Continue

HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE – Concrete with exceptionally high-strength High-Performance concrete is a high-strength ready-mixed concrete type C-50 and above, with excellent workability. The concrete is designed for pre-stressing of construction elements such as bridges, beams, ceilings, etc. TextEdit619531367C16End1231230804.gif Continue

READYMEDA - Easy Level Screed READYMEDA Easy Level Screed is a specialized mix with flowing and leveling properties, containing cement and special chemical admixtures, with added nylon fibers. The screed is intended for leveling and smoothing concrete surfaces, to serve as quality smooth sub-base for flooring, carpets, wood floors, etc. TextEdit619531367C16End1231230804.gif Continue

KurkariCalcareous Sand Coating Natural calcareous sand coating for walls, fences, lanes, and special elements. The mix is ready to use and easy to apply. When using calcareous sand coating there is no need to apply a levelling screed layer on the walls.Continue

Cooled Ready-mixed Concrete for Casting in High Temperatures This is a ready-mixed concrete which undergoes a cooling process in order to reduce hydration heat. It is particularly suitable for casting during summer months, in warm climates, and for large-volume castings.
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