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pic4_web.jpgHigh end Precast
Structures with white concrete precast, both structural - concrete panels - and decorative - fences, bollards, etc., provide excellent results for their aesthetics, durability, strength and ease of installation. Additionally, white cement is a remarkable material for the manufacturing of industrial elements such as blocks, curbs, tiles and more, and of course for the creation of all types of sophisticated urban streetscape.

pic9_web.jpgWhite Architectural Concrete
White cement is the ideal material for concrete works, providing an aesthetic finish whilst maintaining high structural capabilities. It is a versatile and durable material that requires no external treatments or coatings and can replicate a variety of textures and reliefs.

pic6_web.jpgConcrete Pavements
The performance of white cement pavements allows extensive possibilities for design and color. Thanks to its qualities of durability, ease of maintenance, wear and impact resistance, it is a very interesting material for both interiors and exteriors.

pic5_web.jpgMortar Products
White mortars are an efficient finishing material, not only for their aesthetic qualities but also for their insulation qualities, durability and ease of application.
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